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At 47 x 74 this is a single bed size.

Pieced in blue, turquoise and mauves with a white backing.

The client originally wanted blue thread top and bottom, to show the design on the reverse, but this was changed to white which actually helped to enhance the design.

Each spiral was highlighted using a groovy board spiral set on the centres.

A plain meander was used to link each spiralled centre with the next.




A Lap Quilt measuring 31 x 41 in simple reds and creams.

This shows clearly how a very simple design can be enhanced with a feature area.

Each centre was circled which made them pop out from the quilt.

The rest of the quilt was simply meandered which is very popular yet very effective.

No bright coloured thread was used for this, instead going with Sandstorm top and Flax bobbin, letting the fabric colours shine through.

Up & Running!


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