Here is how to get in touch with us :)!

  • Tel: Sue (aka Honeybun) 01323 847732
  • Tel: Margaret (aka Curlytop) 01273 584428
  • Email:
  • Location: Lower Dicker, East Sussex, United Kingdom

Feel free to visit our studio but do phone first to make sure we haven’t gone shopping.  We can be available to discuss options and can arrange visits at any time to suit you.

We look forward to hearing from you soon!


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  1. Hello Ladies,
    A kind lady told me about you, when I went to a Sleeping Bear Fabric sale day in Newick!
    I have recently assembled quite a large quilt, which is not as perfect as it could be, but I have recently had an operation on my spine, and am not as agile as I was, and I would love to come and see you.

    I live in Hailsham, so I am not too far from you and I would love to come and see you!
    I do not subscribe to any of the social networks, as I believe them to be responsible for
    too many indiscretions and invasions of privacy,

    best regards,

    Ann Watling-Greenwood

  2. Dear Margaret,
    Thank you very much for the really wonderful quilting work you skilfully applied to my “Evie quilt”. It has transformed my beginners quilt of several years toil, into a treasure for my grand daughter.
    I cannot thank you enough.
    With very best wishes, Jackie

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